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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Went to the IMAX yesterday to see Star Trek; went to the 2 PM show as the later ones were sold out, not that I cared. Only one costumed attendee and a small SUV in the parking garage made up like the Galileo shuttle. I was kind of surprised that it wasn't me or my car. I was such a fanatic back in the day, a young teen gaga over this very cool series and Mr. Spock. My parents were fairly conservative, they thought it unseemly to dress up like science fiction characters, but I did massage my baby brother's ears till they developed a little point. My goal at the time was to get old enough to leave home and do all the cool things my parents restricted.
They cancelled the series before that happened.
So I moseyed through life, married, had kids, watched lots of Star Trek reruns, most of the movies, but not many of the spin offs... kind of in a Star Trek limbo.
Now here I was in the lobby of the theatre with a couple hundred fans, the youngest of whom hadn't seen 13 in forty years, and I was back - Star Trek was back and it was good, before I even saw the movie, it was good.
And I did enjoy the movie. I loved the action, even the not-so-great storyline required to explain the continuity issues. (Sorry had to say that - I am still a fan of the original series). But mostly I loved the characters, my old friends.
I felt it truly ressurected those campy, outdated reruns that I still love. And I discovered I don't need to be young again; there are others who have that role now.

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  1. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!